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Van Zuijlen
28th February 2000
5C Avenue de l'Alverne
44300 Nantes



Internship at Conseil Général du Finistère, France

Worked for a month on a monitoring software for user computers. The final software was written in JavaScript and PowerShell


Online game development for ExploRêve

Creation of an online scout adventure. I did backend API development in Python with Flask.


Internship at Mouvement Colibris

Worked for 4 months on YunoHost app packaging for HumHub, YesWiki and Question2Answer. I also worked on course sharing and transfers for YesWiki's Learning Management System. It was done in the beginning of the CLIC! project.


Internship at SpikeeLabs

Worked for 6 months on ReVolt, a Charge Station Management System for electric vehicle charging. I designed and built a minimum viable product with a demonstration charge point.


DevOps Engineer at SpikeeLabs

Working as a DevOps engineer at SpikeeLabs, on internal and external IT projects including HR management systems and delivery tracking.


September 2021 - January 2022

Studied computer engineering for half a year during an Erasmus exchange at ECAM Bruxelles in Belgium.

December 2020

Passed the TOEIC English test with 990 points C1 CERCL level

July 2020

Followed a course in Non Violent Communication certified by the ACNV.

2017 - 2022

Studied in a five-year course in General Engineering at École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest (ENIB), Brest, France. I received my diploma in 2022.



Cloth simulation

In GPU computing, I made a working cloth simulation, which simulates sucessfully 14400 vertices at 140 fps, using OpenGL and C++.

Stereovision and shape reconstruction

During an image treatment class we used a serie of pictures, stereovision and OpenCV to reconstruct Suzanne the monkey.


French Robotic Cup: Sail The World

Participated in the French Robotic Cup with the team ENIgma Robotics, composed of students from Brest (West of France) and Metz (East of France).

I did obstacle detection and teaching to newly arrived members.

CAN Bus instrumentation

Academic project connecting a set of sensors together on a CAN Bus. I did Qt interface development.


ENIB Student's Website

Upgraded and managed the website

Added an online shop to it, integrated with Lydia payment service.

The website is made in Python with Django and self-hosted.

French Robotic Cup: Atom Factory

Participated in the French Robotic Cup with the team ENIgma Robotics, composed of students from Brest (West of France) and Metz (East of France).

We arrived 69th over 175 teams with our robots.

I did electronic and software development.


Sound Organizer

A web app to use in order to play audio at theaters during plays.

Written in PHP with Symfony and JavaScript